'Conscious relationship with money' workshops

I offer a variety of workshops including evening workshops and webinars (so you can access it from anywhere); it is a passion of mine to inspire others to have a freer relationship with money. Please sign up via the contact form below if you are interested so I can keep you informed of the other events.

Weekend intensive workshop

The interactive, experiential workshop will help you:

  •  Explore with curiosity and honesty your own assumptions about and relationship to money and their roots in your personal history.
  • Recognize limitations you have created in various aspects of your life and work based on your relationship to money.
  • Create a mindset that can allow you to experience greater freedom and choice in your relationship with money and decisions related to money.
  • Learn a simple system that will enable you to address the subject of money, integrate it into your life and work and act with more lightness.
  • Understand how your personal experience of money relates to wider global issues of monetary systems, supply, debt and monetary reform.

Next workshop date

Friday 13th October: 2.00pm – 9.00pm
Saturday 14th October: 9.30am – 5.30pm
Venue:  Jamyang Buddhist Centre, Kennington, London

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Fees for this workshop are based on the formula:
£2.5 x your age + 0.33% of your gross annual income +/- 10% discretionary

Presented by Cleona Lira, facilitated by Tim Malnick.


For Tim

“The Money Workshop led by Tim started me on a journey which was so very insightful … in terms of defining my own authenticity and purpose. The workshop opened up numerous questions about how relationships with money inhibit and mask the work that we really want to do. It was through this that a clearer sense of agency, honesty and courage has been brought into my work.” - Alex

“I’m happy to report that since the workshop just over a year ago, I have made significant, positive strides in my relationship and behaviours relating to money. My approach is now much less burdened by emotional baggage and confusion and more anchored in clear, practical action. I have resolved several chronic, foggy areas of my own personal finances with relative ease and am now much more able to find swift and satisfactory solutions to arising financial issues and challenges.” - Amy

For Cleona

"Very well delivered, Cleona has immediacy, warmth and sharp mind. I enjoyed the activities and group discussion on a topic which needs to be explored more from this perspective. I fully support this initiative and wd encourage others to join future meetings! ”- Fenia S

“ Fantastic workshop It triggers thought provoking ideas and amazing conversations about money. An important meeting to become more aware of one's relationship towards money! ” - M Santos

"An inspiring teacher of NVC, Cleona was able to get across the basic ideas succinctly and in a very clear way. It was delightful how she gave us some basic NVC tools then asked us specific questions to help us use those tools to explore our relationship with money. I found my relationship with money is a perfect reflection of my (negative) core beliefs about myself. I also saw how my core beliefs shape my current relationship with my business. Invaluable insights! Cleona held the space lightly, and encouraged us to share as much or as little as we wished - so I felt safe and not judged." - Dr. A Bloodwood

"I had no idea just how deep the connection between the self and money was.  The workshop created a safe space to grapple with this profound subject in a compassionate way. I felt safe to explore this confounding area and encouraged to delve right to the root cause which first formulated my relationship with money. An incisive as well as a compassionate mind; a woman who is as passionate about people and their welfare as she is about finance, the world, particularly the financial world, needs more people like Cleona." -H Chapman

"It was a very explorative and inspiring workshop. The exercises revealed core belief I was not fully aware of or push behind as something uncomfortable. With the excercises,  I was surprised with the needs I discovered. I never imagined those emotional core needs had impact on my concept about money. They seem so non-money related. But they inter-relate…. After acknowledging it, I felt self-connected and peaceful. I still need some time to digest and work on the topic though. Money still feels to me a huge thing with all the values and measurement attached. My journey continues…."- Asako

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