Money coaching


  • Would you like to explore unconscious beliefs you have about money and how they affect your life and daily decisions?
  • Are you aware of how your money patterns create stress, shame, anxiety or fear?
  • Do you want to feel more freedom in earning, saving and spending money?
  • Do you have some discomfort around some of your money behaviours like overspending or not spending and want to change this?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, money coaching could be the answer.

What is money coaching?

My coaching approach focuses not so much on the externals like changing your job or earning more (the outside), rather I help you look at your own unconscious beliefs that cause various forms of money sabotage.

I believe that 'the inside creates the outside' with money.

Some common themes I see are:

  • Underearning
  • Work that feels like a sacrifice
  • Saying no to money
  • Over-spending
  • Oscillating between being really 'good' with money followed by self-sabotage and anxiety about the future

Following a money coaching session, most clients report feeling huge transformations both with money and in their general life. They become more in touch with the choices they have around money decisions, including feeling more possibility in doing work they love, asking for and receiving money.

What will it cost?

I offer a package of 2 hours with an hour's exploratory session, followed by some simple homework. We will meet again for an hours follow-up session, the following week. The cost for both sessions is £300, no vat on these prices.If additional time is required, we can discuss and is charged at £100 per hour - however, that may not be required.

In person and online video sessions are available.

Please note, money coaching does not include providing personal financial advice. This is a separate service.

Please Contact me if interested and mention money coaching in your message. We will set up a time to have a 15-minute chat and then I can book you in.





A conscious relationship with money is about having clarity with your money related choices. How to confront dis-empowering beliefs and move towards greater inner freedom and choices aligned to your deepest values. Do head over to my blog if you want to know more...

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