Women, investing and inheriting parental beliefs

Last Sunday, I facilitated a zoom call with a group of mainly women, to teach them about investing basics.

To keep it interactive, I try and ask relevant questions connected to the purpose of the call. When I asked, what holds you back around investing, a participant shared that she learned that ‘Investing is risky’ from her parents She usually left her surplus savings in cash, unable to move past this learned fear.

Any savings that you don’t need for 5 years really needs to ideally be invested if that ties in with your life goals. You always want to have cash set aside for an emergency fund (6 months outgoings) or planned expenses too, of course.

Reflecting later on what she shared, I recalled an exercise to help bust limiting beliefs. I learned this exercise at a Tony Robbins ‘Unleash the power within’ seminar, many years ago. Back then, age 29, mine was connected to believing I would never fall in love again - which was quite sad. Luckily I broke through that belief and am in a happy relationship.

From what I recall, whatever the belief is...stick two fingers up your nose, adopt a ridiculous posture and say your limiting belief in a nasal voice and then pulling your fingers out, yell playfully, that's bull**it! :)

The exercise did help me, I believe anyway. In any case, being aware of your limiting beliefs and learning to question them is a great start. Then providing enough information to yourself to be able to bust that belief, while remaining open to the possibility that your belief is not true is liberating. We all have them, good luck with finding them and that detective work!