Coriander, the frugality of growing your own herbs.

Growing coriander is such fun. A beautiful herb in salads and to garnish that Indian curry I make often. A seed packet has 250 seeds, 2,500 in a bigger packet.. :) and costs so little in comparison to the end product.

Buying the herb in a market also takes time, the stuff travels... So it's not fresh and has some food miles.

For me though, it's a little kid excitement and exploding heart joy I feel when I see seedlings break through.

It's all mysterious. Like hair growth or breathing. How does it all happen? I do nothing other than combine dirt, seeds and water. And some genuine goodwill for the seeds to grow. The seeds know what to do... There is an intelligence in the universe beyond what our minds can comprehend.

Grow your own if you can. At least in the summer it's easy. And get good organic compost. Give those seeds a good start, they know what to do after.

It's not about saving money. It's the joy of observing nature's magnificent possibilities in your own kitchen. And play... Play, play, play.

What do you like growing? Or what gave you a heart full of exploding joy as a child? Worth connecting with that.