The Capitalistic Blues by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg


In a video on YouTube, titled The Capitalistic Blues, Dr Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication sings a beautiful song, pointing out that capitalism seems to help only the richest guys, that defence budgets don't necessarily lead to feeling security. He also shares that he sees more clearly the ways in which the context we're in interferes with our relating in loving, non-exploitative ways. Hope it inspires you!

Hey! Don’t give me any more bull about equality not with all that headstart, Rockefeller has on me. My woman’s name would be Happy too if I had that dude’s money. And say, how can I get enthused about free enterprise, when it seems to help only the richest guys.

Because I am coming to the conclusion That it’s time for me to lose my capitalistic nobody-give-a-damn about the other guy blues. And I am startin' to see that it's not only those welfare folks who are victims of the capitalism sadistic jokes. Pretty hard to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps when you don’t own boots.

And hey, I don’t feel not even one bit of pride or security from all that defence budget is costing you and me. And I wouldn’t like it the Pentagon started giving us green stamps. Because I’m coming to the conclusion that’s it’s time for me to lose my capitalistic nobody gives a damn about those other guy blues.

You know we got like for me way too much warfare and not enough welfare. Yeah, I got the red, white, and the bicentennial blues. And I got the too many missiles and not enough security blues. And too much power in the hands of those who don’t need it blues.

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