Women, Money and Financial Advice

By Cleona Lira 11th September, 2015

I made my radio debut in July this year and I was invited back again to speak about women, money and financial advice. They must have thought I was okay the first time; I was of course delighted to be invited back. The radio station is called Share Radio, a brand new radio station designed to help you through the money maze.

There were some great questions asked by Sarah Pennells, the creator of Savvy Woman, on Share Radio and included:

  • First of all, what does a financial adviser do?

  • What about the cost of advice – how do advisers charge? (Hourly fee/ set fee)?

  • Obviously the cost of advice will vary from firm to firm – but how much could you pay for advice?

  • What can make advice more expensive (location of office, how well qualified adviser is, professional indemnity insurance).

  • How do you pay for advice? Do you normally hand over a cheque or make an on-line payment or are there other options?

  • How do you find out if you are being charged a fair rate or are being overcharged?

  • What questions should someone ask an adviser before they sign up with them?

Listen to the podcasts here:

Women, Money and Financial Advice

Dividend tax and Investing for Income

Hope it helps!