Welcome Readers

I am an Independent Financial Adviser with over 15 years experience in Financial Services. I am based in London – my office is based in the City, I live in South East London & I serve clients from all over London. I am a Chartered Financial Planner which is a widely accepted "gold standard” for financial advisers in the United Kingdom. I give advice on all aspects of financial planning, focusing mainly on investing & retirement planning.

My clients include working professionals that want to delegate their investment management, retired or semi-retired individuals who want to enjoy financial freedom with an income-focused portfolio or who want help with pension drawdown. A generous percentage of my client base tends to be women who enjoy the connection & working with a female financial adviser.

Top desires of my clients include wanting to feel more confident, in control of their investments & retirement plans.  Also, to delegate the management of their finances to a professional, so they can spend more time focusing on their job and family. Since I specialise in ethical investing, some clients primary motivation is to build an investment portfolio in line with their core values.

I enjoy listening wholeheartedly to what is important to my clients so I can help design a solution to meet their deeper (financial) needs - be it financial independence, integrity, safety & security or any other. A successful financial plan helps you live your values. Does yours?

Besides investment advice, I care deeply about liberating people to have clarity & freedom in their relationship with money (and life). You can check out past issues of my monthly 'Conscious Money' newsletter here & subscribe if you feel inspired by it.

From time to time, I run workshops on financial literacy and offer spaces for people to explore more about their own relationship with money. I can also talk non-stop about Nonviolent Communication. Don't try me on that last one!

The video below explains why people seek financial advice, what services are offered, ethical investments, behavioural coaching and why it is essential, the real risk, typical pain areas clients have with money, why empathy is important, my background in Nonviolent Communication, what is 'Conscious Money', and how I got into Financial Services.