Reviews from verified clients on Vouchedfor

You could also read more of my reviews on Vouchedfor here. I have copied a few below.

Eleanor – June, 2018

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a Financial Adviser?

To manage some long term investments my mother held when she became unable to look after them herself.

How did Cleona Lira help you?

Cleona immediately put me at my ease because this is not my strong point! Cleona's advice has always been very clear and easy for me to understand. I feel she has my best interests at heart and has recently been by my side through the difficult task of being executor for my mum's estate. I was so pleased with the job she did for mum that I have now retained her for myself.

What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?

I am confident that my relationship with Cleona will endure over a long time and trust her to continue to work to my best interests.

Rebecca – August, 2017

My previous adviser was not being very pro-active; leaving things as they were; wasting my time with long meetings and wanting to chat about irrelevant things, as well as being somewhat patronising.

Cleona charges less than I was paying for managing my investments; she is proactive; she responds quickly and goes over and above to give information, and to educate. Meetings are one-hour maximum and straight to the point. Cleona is also honest about the markets, so does not raise false hopes about upcoming returns.

Andy – December, 2016

I had the sale proceeds of a property to invest. As the property had been a millstone around my neck for many years, I was looking to find someone who could help me invest in an ethical manner and to help me plan for my future.

I could not have asked for or found a better adviser to guide me through the process of what to do next. The simplicity and understanding with which Cleona answered all of my many questions was greatly appreciated. My needs were listened to and Cleona guided me through a financial world that was new to me. She informed and helped me with clarity and has a genuine passion for ethical values that is so refreshing.I firmly believe that Cleona has now helped me to the best of possible futures with her thorough knowledge and expertise. I really could not have asked any more of her and am thankful for the day that I met her.

My needs were fully met and everything was done in a timely and professional manner. For the life of me, I cannot find any fault with anything that Cleona did and I will not fill out this box with any trivial criticism (particularly when there is none to be found) just to put something in the box! Well done Cleona, please keep on doing what you are doing so well.

David - March, 2016

I have an investment portfolio and personal pension and wanted to check whether I could get better service than my FA had been offering. Having discussed my needs with Cleona, I felt she could offer not only a better service, but also a much more constructive relationship where I could learn, and be challenged, about the real value and purpose of my investments.

Cleona reviewed my goals for my investments in the context of where I find myself in my life and career. She factored this in with my a profile of the kinds of enterprise I would want to invest in, particularly with regard to ethics. From this we arrived at a new balance for my portfolio and pension.

My experience so far has borne out my high expectations of the relationship (as mentioned above). I feel vastly more reassured and confident that my money is aligned with my goals. And, into the bargain, I have got some very constructive personal pointers about how to review my goals.