What is your approach?

I help execute financial planning solutions for clients with a relationship-based approach. I work purposefully with a smaller client base as it allows me to give the attention I want to my clients. Over time, I get to know my clients really well and enjoy adding value to their lives, acting as a sounding board for their financial decisions and helping them understand their deeper relationship with money when they want to.

Money, investing, saving tax - these can be heavy to discuss. I try to make my meetings interesting, engaging; the idea is to make the financial planning process as easy and pain-free as possible.

Minimum Asset Size?

  • £100,000 for investments

  • No minimum size for new pensions

  • Fees - £1,000 upwards

How does it work?

  • It usually starts with a 5 to 10-minute phone call. I do not set up an initial consultation meeting without this as I like to have background on what you want advice on.

  • The initial consultation meeting is our first meeting and at my cost. It will be an opportunity to ask me questions to help you decide if you wish to work with me. There is no advice given at this meeting. At the end of this meeting or following the meeting, I will tell you what the exact fee will be so you can decide.

  • The next stage is a fact-finding meeting where we sign a client agreement once you agree to a fee and agree to give me information about you. I gather information that is needed help me provide the solutions you need & conduct my research. This involves gathering and recording all relevant factual information such as your annual income, savings, attitude to risk, etc. Also, I will ask questions to gain a clear understanding of your financial goals including attitudes towards money, risk and your important values.

  • The next stage is usually where I present my recommendations and you make a decision about whether you wish to proceed. We then fill in necessary forms and I help you to implement the solution. At no stage in this process, is there any obligation to proceed with the recommendations made.

  • Upon completion of the process, after I have implemented the solutions, you will receive a detailed report documenting actions taken.


There are initial fees for the advice and ongoing service fees, should you decide you want this. I work towards a fixed fee model. For initial fees, however, I  need to know the solution you need before I can scope the time involved and the complexity of advice. I can only answer this question after we meet.

Ongoing service

This is optional and when selected, I ensure I stay in touch with my clients and we meet once a year to conduct an annual review where we ensure tax allowances are used - like ISA's, capital gains are harvested if needed and the portfolio is re-balanced.

For clients who want ongoing help managing their investments and pensions, fees are based on a percentage of assets under management. My preference is to work with clients who are looking for an ongoing service, especially for investments and pensions, as I have seen I can add greater value by building long-term relationships with clients, getting to know them better each year. However, I work with all clients respecting those who need only the one-time advice.